Red Versus Blue

Halo ownz your ass.

Red Versus Blue
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a.i., banshee, base, blood gulch, blue, caboose, capture the flag, chupa-thingy, church, flag, fucking shit up, fuel rod gun, ghost, griff, guns, halo, halo2, helmets, humour, jonas, king of the hill, m12 lrv warthog, m19 ssm rocket launcher, m6d assault pistol, m9 grenades, m90 shotgun, ma5bassault rifle, needler, pelican dropship, plasma pistol, puma, ratrace, red, rifles, rockets, rookies, s2 am sniper rifle, simmons, spider, teamplay, tex, transporter, tucker, walrus
You are the last of your kind. Bred for combat, built for war, you are the master of any weapon, pilot of any vehicle and fear no enemy.

This is a community where we can discuss the episodes shown on the site, post statistics/cheats/hints, etc!

Also - Post your fan stories/parties/competitions!

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